Cooking for staying healthy

Cooking food is not an easier task anymore. You need to add many things to make it up to mark. But you need to certainly look for what are you adding and what flavor will it give to the food? You also need to look for the way you are using to cook your food?

People often overcook their food thinking that it would be make it more flavorful. This idea is not true. You can cook healthier food by adding vegetables like carrots, tomatoes etc. to your food so the antioxidants that would be released can help in easy digestion of the food.

Cooking by using microwave may be fatal as radio waves emitted during microwaving can excite the molecules which results in the release of heat that can dry out the food. Though microwaving broccoli can be advantageous because it helps vitamin C to be preserved.

Boiling food in water can dissolve all the vitamins that help you in growing healthier. Steaming on the other hand is a better option as the food is stewed in its own juice especially if you talk about fish or fresh veggies. Researches have even proved that steaming certain plants can help prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Grilling food is good for you because it maintains both, the flavor and nutrition of the food. It makes veggies tender and juicy and a low amount of fat is needed for grilling meat or fish. But I suggest that you must eat it often as consuming charred meat on regular basis may increase the risk of pancreatic cancer, cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

We mostly fry food in the oil at moderate heat. It definitely makes the food delicious but we cannot take the chance of eating such food daily.

Besides all this many researchers believe in eating raw or half cooked food. They think that it helps us to gain the most energy as such method helps in preserving vitamins, fiber and minerals in their natural form provided that no sugar is added to them. This claims that raw items are super healthy to consume.